Handling your contracts
needs from A to Z.

Legal Services to Fit Your Needs

Anna Zagari – handling your contracts needs from A to Z.


Drafting and Review

  • Create new, customized contracts based on your needs
  • Review and edit pre-drafted agreements to protect your interests
  • Advise on key risk areas
  • Interpret confusing legal jargon


Outside Legal Counsel

For any Sized Business

  • Assist with managing contract overflow
  • Contract review and redlining
  • Work with internal business team members on their transactions
  • Advise on key risk areas



Entity Formation

  • Corporations
  • Joint Ventures
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • Partnerships


Consulting | Strategy

Legal Advise and Counseling

  • Interpret legal and other official documents
  • Offer legal opinions on contract terms and risk areas
  • Advise on pre-litigation strategy


A Virtual Law Firm

and what that means for you.

What is a virtual law firm?

Simply put – I don’t have a traditional brick and mortar location. I provide my services using modern, secure technology for communicating and creating, delivering, and storing client materials. Most importantly, I’m able to offer prompt, efficient, and personalized services.

How does this help you?

  • Lower fees
  • No travel time to meetings
  • Less paper clutter and waste
  • Servicing clients at any location

But what are the risks?

Virtual law firms are regulated by the State Bar the same as traditional offices. I’m licensed to practice and carry malpractice insurance according to suggested guidelines.